Resilience Redefined

A program for mothers amidst post-separation challenges

Unleash the power of adversity, fostering personal growth and healthier co-parenting dynamics.


Initial 1-2-1 Coaching Session


  • Assess individual needs and set personalized goals.

  • Establish a tailored plan for program participation.


Before the program begins, each participant will have a one-on-one coaching session with a certified professional. This session will assess their unique circumstances, set personalized goals, and establish a tailored plan for their journey through the Resilience Redefined program.


Introduction to Resilience Redefined Program


  • Understand the framework and objectives of the Resilience Redefined program.

  • Recognize the importance of resilience to adversity in personal growth and achieving your best self.

  • Nurture resilience as a strength in both yourself and your children.


In this introductory module, you will explore what resilience is and why it is crucial for personal development, especially as single mums recently separated and struggling with emotions, confidence, and managing relationships with your ex-partner. You will learn how resilience can help you become the best version of yourself by navigating challenges and fostering growth. This module also focuses on the power of resilience in the face of adversity, teaching you strategies to grow stronger from challenges and turn adversity into opportunity. There will be a permanent focus on tailoring evidence-based practices to each individual and developing healthier habits.


Navigating the Present


  • Understand the present, balancing past experiences and future aspirations while managing anger, pain, and grief.

  • Learn how emotions take hold of us and our stories.

  • Learn and practice strategies to choose how we experience reality.


This module addresses how to stay grounded in the present while acknowledging and processing past experiences, anger, pain, and grief. Practical strategies for balancing past, present, and future, tailored for single mums dealing with recent separation and its emotional impact.


Clarifying Values and Setting Meaningful Goals


  • Gain clarity on your core values and priorities, both present and future.

  • Set meaningful, achievable goals that align with your core values and desired future.


This module helps you identify what is truly important to you amidst your current challenges and set goals that reflect those values. It emphasizes the importance of aligning goals with personal values and long-term vision, helping you navigate your new circumstances and focus on positive outcomes.


Leveraging Strengths and Abilities


  • Identify and utilize your existing strengths and abilities to navigate daily challenges.


This module focuses on strength-based approaches, helping you recognize and draw upon your inherent skills and abilities. Activities include strength assessments and practical applications to everyday situations, enabling you to handle your responsibilities more effectively.


Mental Models and Cognitive Functioning


  • Understand how your mental models influence your behavior and decision-making.

  • Develop greater mental flexibility.


This module explores the concept of mental models and how they shape perceptions and actions. You will learn to identify and adjust unhelpful mental models to improve cognitive functioning and decision-making, particularly in the context of managing your emotions and interactions with your ex-partner.


1-2-1 Coaching Session


  • Review progress and adjust personalized goals.

  • Address any challenges and refine strategies.


After completing Module 5, participants will have another one-on-one coaching session to review their progress, adjust personalized goals, and address any challenges they may be facing. This session ensures that participants stay on track and receive the support they need.


Managing Emotions and Developing Emotional Agility


  • Gain skills in emotional regulation and agility, enhancing your ability to handle emotional challenges.


Focusing on emotional intelligence, this module teaches you techniques for managing and understanding your emotions. Activities include emotional regulation exercises and strategies for developing emotional agility, helping you cope with your feelings and build resilience.


Building Respectful Relationships and Assertiveness


  • Develop skills for creating and maintaining respectful, assertive relationships.


This module emphasizes the importance of respectful communication and assertiveness in relationships. You will practice assertiveness techniques and learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships, focusing on managing interactions with your ex-partner and fostering positive environments for your children.


Creating Opportunities for Growth


  • Identify and seize opportunities for personal growth and development.


This module encourages you to view current and future challenges as opportunities for growth. Through activities like growth mindset exercises, you will learn to embrace and create growth opportunities, helping you move forward positively from your separation.

Post-Module 8

1-2-1 Coaching Session


  • Evaluate growth and solidify progress.

  • Prepare for sustaining success and long-term resilience.


After completing Module 8, participants will have a one-on-one coaching session to evaluate their growth, solidify their progress, and prepare for sustaining success. This session helps to ensure that the strategies and habits developed are well-integrated and sustainable.


Sustaining Success and Celebrating Wins


  • Develop sustainable habits and celebrate your achievements, modeling resilience for your children.


The final module focuses on sustaining the changes you have made. You will develop healthy habits that align with your goals and values and learn to celebrate your successes. This module includes habit formation strategies and activities for celebrating progress and modeling resilience for your children, helping you show your kids how to grow from adversity.

Rollout Plan

Phase 1: Introducing Goals and Priorities

Modules Covered:

  • 1-4


Establishing a foundation by introducing the program, clarifying values, setting meaningful goals, and navigating the present. Tailored to help single mums understand their new circumstances and prioritize effectively. Includes live group sessions in weeks 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Phase 2: Developing Strategies and Tailoring Them

Modules Covered

  • 5-8


Equipping participants with strategies and tools to leverage strengths, manage emotions, build respectful relationships, and develop cognitive agility. Emphasizes practical applications to manage the complexities of single motherhood and interactions with ex-partners. Includes live group sessions in weeks 7 and 8.

Phase 3: Experimentation and Developing Further Resources

Modules Covered:

  • 9


Encouraging experimentation with new strategies, sustaining successes, and celebrating wins. This phase emphasizes the ongoing development of personal resources and modeling resilience for children, ensuring long-term growth and stability. Includes a live group session in week 10.

Additional Features

  • Access to Content: Participants will be able to access the program content in their own time, allowing flexibility and convenience.

  • Weekly Practical Strategies: Each week, participants will receive practical strategies to experiment with, enhancing their learning and personal growth.

  • Live Group Sessions: Live group sessions will be held during weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 to foster community support, facilitate discussions, and provide real-time guidance.



Self Discovery

This is the starting point, you embark on a journey of self-discovery. By identifying your ideas, values, interests, passions, and strengths, you’ll be able to start to map out a meaningful and fulfilling future beyond your current role and identity.

Duration: 3 hours


Purpose Discovery

The 'Purpose Discovery' module involves deep, perhaps lengthy, reflection exercises and visualisation techniques to help you discover and validate your new purpose beyond your work identity. You will leave this module feeling empowered and confident about your next phase of life.

Duration: 3 hours


Process Development

In this ‘foundation’ module, you’ll start to build a clear roadmap for your journey into the future. Through a clear understanding of goal-setting and action planning, you’ll gain the tools and techniques you need to navigate this significant transition. You may well find this quite different from any change you’ve managed before.

Duration: 3 hours


Support Development

This module will guide you in how to prepare yourself for the way forward. You’ll learn to ‘let go’ of the ‘past’ and the need for forgiveness and gratitude to facilitate this. We’ll discover who and what to avoid and how to identify ‘partners in believing’ who’ll support you in what may be a complex period of setting yourself free.

Duration: 3 hours


Managing Transition

Building on the previous module, you'll learn stress management techniques, how to deal with anxiety, and resilience-building strategies. You’ll learn to have faith and belief in yourself and transmit this to others. We’ll revisit the work you did in Modules 2 and 3 and fill out any additional detail or clarity. This module prepares you emotionally to manage the way forward seamlessly.

Duration: 3 hours


Harvesting Transition

In this module you’ll ‘launch’ your new ‘business’ of being YOU in ‘life-after-work’. You'll learn confidence-building exercises and ongoing action planning techniques to face any future fears and uncertainties. By paying attention to your intention without tension and with the support of your ‘team’ you can be confident your expectations will be met. This module ensures you step into your next phase ‘Powered Up’ with a sense of renewed significance and life force. Perhaps it’s time for a ‘starting party’!

Duration: 3 hours

Who Is It For?

Single mums who are recently separated and seeking support in managing their emotions and rebuilding their lives.

Mothers struggling with confidence and self-esteem issues following a separation.

Women looking to develop resilience and better cope with the challenges of single motherhood.

Single mums who need strategies for balancing past experiences and future aspirations while focusing on the present.

Mothers aiming to improve their relationships with their ex-partners and establish healthy co-parenting dynamics.

Mums who want to leverage their strengths and abilities to handle daily challenges more effectively.

Single mothers looking to create opportunities for personal growth and development.

Single mothers who want to develop sustainable habits, celebrate their achievements, and model resilience for their children.

Who Is It Not For?

Individuals who are not single mums or have not recently experienced separation.

Mums looking for quick fixes rather than sustainable, long-term growth and development.

Women not facing emotional or practical challenges related to single motherhood or co-parenting.

Individuals who are not open to self-reflection and experimenting with new strategies and practical applications in their daily lives.

Mothers who are not interested in developing healthier habits or modeling resilience for their children.

Mums who want to seek revenge.

Program Foundation

This program is grounded in positive psychology and based on scientific evidence and research. As an experienced ICF-accredited coach, I ensure that all strategies and practices are evidence-based and tailored to each participant's unique needs, fostering personal growth and resilience.

About me

Lucy Airs is a seasoned resilience coach, grounded in her abiding passion for supporting others with proven, accessible strategies. Her rich educational background, highlighted by a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology, complements her impressive two decades of practical coaching experience. Lucy's specialty lies in driving individuals to their full potential, utilizing their innate strengths and abilities to facilitate progress towards their aspirations. She has witnessed the powerful, transformative impact of personalized support on client's personal and professional lives and is committed to enabling this positive change. With a firm conviction that most people are inherently amazing, she strives to create the conducive circumstances and nurture the requisite skills that let her clients' amazingness shine. Lucy Airs is not just a coach; she's a catalyst for resilience and growth.

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